I'm Lauren.

A qualified trainer with teaching, leadership and athletic experience.

-A NASM Certified Personal Trainer who has been instructing athletes and the general population for 8 years. Athletes including dancers, gymnasts, soccer players, martial artists, distance runners etc.

-An instructor of ten years who has experienced different learning styles and adapted to give the most effective learning environment for students.

-A leader who will work hard for you an your interests to enable you to conquer your goals.

-An athlete with real world experience in cross-training, injury and injury prevention and athletic performance goals.

Judgment free zone from someone who grew up in a harsh training environment.

-A professional dancer who has been subject to body shaming, verbally abusive classrooms, and uneducated training styles resulting in injury.

-I do not require anyone to count calories or provide measurements unless comfortable with this process. There are other methods to track progress and promote successful eating habits that do not require harsh dieting and rigid tracking protocols. 

-I am here to assist you in achieving  your goals not achieve them for you. I aim to give you the tools and resources and be your biggest cheerleader through your journey.

Who is it best for?

1:1 Online Coaching is for the adventurer with or without a busy schedule. Online coaching allows me to create a plan that adapts to your abilities, goals and schedule no matter where you are.

Whether you are traveling the world, working long hours or wanting to train for an event that could change your life, there is an option for you.

A training plan can be created for you using your home equipment, gym equipment, travel gear, or no equipment at all.

What does it Include?

Free initial consultation.

•Personalized training plan. that fits your specific needs.

•24/7 access for training help and questions.

•Bi-weekly 30-45 minute zoom check-ins.

•Training plan adjustments whenever needed to achieve maximum results.

•Optional macro calculation.

*1:1 Active Zoom Coaching available as add on.



$375 a month


$950 for 3 months.