3 Things Not to Bring Cenote Diving in Mexico.

I went on a whirlwind trip and quickly learn what NOT to bring cenote diving in Mexico.

To explain…

I and a few other strangers at the time flew into Cancun and headed to Tulum for a week of cenote diving with Taz Diving!

Best diving trip of my life to date! I’ll let you in on the details and how to find out more as you read on.

In my frantic packing adventures I packed some things I did not need.

Sometimes you just have to learn from experience. I probably should’ve done more research beforehand but at the time I had 4 jobs and very little free time. (Manager at Starbucks, Dancer with The Tallahassee Ballet, dance instructor, and starting my own business Living Through Motion!)

1. Sunscreen isn’t necessary for cenote diving in Mexico…

I used to be the palest of pale so trust me I know this might be hard for some of. The use of sunscreen is not permitted in the cenotes. This is to protect the environment and animals that live in it from any harm. 

Don’t even bring that reef safe sunscreen… they don’t care. NO SUNSCREEN. This also includes no bug spray.

You won’t need it in the water anyway and when you’re on land, lightweight breathable long sleeve shirts and pants work wonders.

I always bring along:

  • A ball cap.
  • A Long sleeve breathable shirt.
  • Long breathable lightweight pants.
  • A BUFF 

If you want to see what exactly I brought to Mexico you can go here!

2. Another thing you don’t need cenote diving in Mexico?

To be fair, you may still need this bad boy if you are diving in the ocean.

I was only diving in cenotes and they are a big no no. 

Reason being is that it could cause damage to the cenotes by hitting or scratching the surface.

It was a nice week long break from that aggravating but maybe sometimes helpful piece of plastic.

3. And last but not least…

If you are an ice cube of a diver, I am too.

We should start a club!

Okay, but seriously I wear a 5mm wetsuit with full hood and gloves for 68-70 degree Fahrenheit water in Florida. I was just fine in the cenotes of Mexico with no hood and gloves. I definitely still had that 5mm on and there was only one day where I got really cold.

No dive gloves allowed in those cenotes friends. Which should be fine considering you won’t be touching anything.

I guess if you bring them along it’s no biggie but better to save yourself the space for another swimsuit or two. (I lived in my swimsuit.)

So while there are so many things you can bring cenote diving in Mexico…

Maybe don’t bring sunscreen, a snorkel, or dive gloves.

Do bring…
  • A mind ready to be blown.
  • Plenty of swimsuits.
  • A reusable water bottle.
  • Breathable sun coverings.
  • An underwater of camera of some sort. (I use this case from Amazon for my GoPro)
  • An eSIM so you can show off how much fun your having back home.

A more extensive packing list to come in a future post!

If you want to know more about diving the cenotes of Mexico check out my post Cenote Diving in Tulum!

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